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"A consultant cannot, without participation in the client organization, learn enough about its culture to suggest reliable new courses of action. Unless remedies are worked out jointly with members of the organization who know what will and what won't work in their culture, such remedies are likely to be either wrong or resisted because they come from an outsider.
"Unless the client/manager learns to see the problem for himself and thinks through the remedy, he will not be willing or able to implement the solution and, more importantly, will not learn how to fix such problems should they reappear.

Edgar H. Schein, MIT

Change is a constant, not an exception.
Evaluation and adjustment
must be ongoing.

OUR JOB       initiate, direct and empower positive change
OUR STYLE    facilitative, as opposed to intrusive
WE ADDRESS  actual issues faced by organizations
RESULTS       empowered and effective human interaction

Intervention with a Purpose

Intervention based upon real issues clarifies alignment around strategic, structural, and cultural areas of business. We facilitate the group to observe and address challenge areas. We create a supportive environment, where these issues can be worked to solution and plans developed for implementation.

Reality Based Information

Group dynamics are evaluated through interviews, assessment models, and discussion with key personnel. Observing the way that a group confronts change, we are able to suggest accurate approaches for action, assist the group to critique themselves and identify elegant solutions.

Looking at How We Do Things, to Do What We Do Better

When we look at how we do things, this is process management, as opposed to product or task management. Moving a widget from point A to point B, is a what, but how individuals within the group organize to make this process more effective is the how around which we make distinctions and refinements.

Better Equiped to Deal with Change

This process may result in decision to reorganize in order to take advantage of existing resources, enhance communication systems, or search outside to acquire additional capabilities. The organization moves towards optimum function, with management better equiped to deal with the one constant issue: change

Since conclusions are
developed by organizational
members, there is an inherent
committment to the outcome.

Tell me and I'll forget, show me, I may remember,
involve me, and it is mine for a lifetime.

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